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E-mail people that don't have their stories up! Or e-mail me!

Ami's Adventure!: E-mail her! She is getting help from another writer on this page, so it must be a really good story!
Anime Love Bug!: This story has just started, but it tells about what Serena dreams about! If you are interested in this story, e-mail him!
Pepper: She just started her absolutely hilarious fic! email her til we get it up!
Email ME!: Do you wan try your fic on the net? if so, i'm only a click away! also, tell me what you think of my page, or whta you think of my fic (posted at right) thanks again for comin!
Mail the Asst. Editor!: Wanna tell her what you think of our page? She's only a click away!

Welcome to the Fanfic Shrine!

Hi! Thank you all for coming to the Fanfic Shrine! Welcome to the place where people can post their fanfics, read fanfics, or win awards. We give awards to fanfics, or to pages. If your fanfic is utterly romantic or just plain funny, or if we like it, go to the awards section to get your award. If you have a page that you have worked hard on and you want an award for it, then check out the awards page as well. Or if you are writing a fanfic that you want to be posted on the net, then all you have to do is email us, and it's up. Please read our Disclaimers before you do anything. Thanks again! Please enjoy all of our fanfics here and remember, have fun!!!
~Hailey - Page Editor
~Julie - Assistant Editor

All of Our Pages

READ THIS FIRST:these are my disclames to this site, i know u don't want to read them, but theres something in it for u if u do!
Thanks!:here's the tribute to you and all the people that helped make this page possible!
Awards You Can Win:If you have a page, or if your fanfic is posted here, you can win an award if you come here! I drew all of the awards, and they are all awesome, so check it out!
Eclipse Fanfics: I have gathered all of the Fanfics that are posted on this page into one section. Here you can read a short, in-depth summary on each story, and link to it.
Independent Fanfics: Fanfics that aren't posted at here, but have their own page are here. These ones are great too so make sure you check out each one!
Awards This Page Has Won!: Believe it or not, our page has won a lot of awards!! Check them out!

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